Homeschool Moms are Visitors from the Future

In honor of my sister’s birthday, I just want to take a moment to celebrate homeschool moms.  Her kids are now the second generation in our family to have received their education at home.  We didn’t realize it while we were busy with phonics and multiplication tables, but Mom was actually a visitor from the future.

The future is customization, personalization, and making choices in conformity with your deepest-held values.  It is quirky, artisanal, and bespoke.  In the future, people can their own vegetables at home.

Oh, wait.  That’s now.

Homeschooling has seen incredible growth over the past decade.   Test-driven education and the democritization of knowledge by technology are fairly obvious drivers of the growth, but I’d say homeschoolers actually lead the ed tech market, not the other way around.

What are the obstacles to growth for homeschooling?   The biggest one has been custody.  If both parents work and have to work, there hasn’t been a good option except for a traditional school setting.

But what if the homeschool mom of the future is actually either a mom or dad who, thanks to technology, can work from home?   It shouldn’t be surprising that homeschooling, or some hybrid version of it, has gained popularity in Silicon Valley.

Homeschooling looks very different today than it did when we were coming up.  But the desire to give your kids an education that gives them the tools to think independently, act creatively, and contribute meaningfully is the same.

So, here’s to the brave visitors from the future who walk among us.  May we be wise enough to follow their their lead.

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