Skin in the Game

Picking up from yesterday’s theme on parents and which ones we trust to make the “right” choices for their kids, I thought I’d share a few of bits of memorabilia.

This was my first school, located in rural Polk County, Florida:

Davis Family Manse
Davis Homeschool, 1984.  Photo by Keri Davis

At some point, I’ll come back to the story of how Mom learned about homeschooling as an option at all back in the dark ages before the internet (and before it was, you know, strictly legal), but for now, here’s a scrap of paper that my Mom saved.  She and Dad created a “pros and cons” list to weigh the choices that they had for educating me and my sisters, dated to after the law which (sort of) legalized homeschooling in Florida in 1985.  Note that private schools are not on this list, because they were far too expensive to be an option:

pros and cons_LI (4)
School Choice, 1985.  Redacted for privacy.   Photo by Keri Davis

The Homeschool Legal Defence Association, which my my parents joined in 1985, provided the following letter, from which they distilled their options above:

HSLDA Florida Home School Laws 1985
Letter courtesy of Keri Davis.  Photo by Erin Davis Valdez

I’m going to go out on a limb and say lots of folks with a college education might not have found it easy to sort all this out and then find local groups that met the legal requirements.  Did I mention that this was before the Internet?

Motivation is a funny thing — when a family understands that it is both their right and responsibility to educate their kids, they can do extraordinary things.  When we take that away, it’s only human nature to become complacent.

There is so much in that pro and con list that I want to come back to it later.  Maybe I can talk Mom into a guest post…

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