Speaking Up

I’m going to spend a little of the time I normally use to write this blog this morning on practicing recording a podcast.  I’ve studied up on various forums and contexts, and the advice I’ve heard from all of them is that the key is to practice (big surprise!).  So, even though I’m a little nervous, I’ll give it a shot.

As a long-time fan of the medium, I think I’ll enjoy the process of creating my own.  The barriers to entry have never been lower.  There is so much room to grow — I think that it’s only the beginning of audio taking over content consumption.

Right now, I’m thinking about making it an interview-driven podcast, since I’m pretty excited about highlighting how others have engaged in life-long learning or have created the conditions to allow others do that.  If you have ideas or your own experiences in creating podcasts, I’m all ears!

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